We are moving into Phoenixville!!

You are all hereby invited to the CASTLE!!

As soon as we are open, that is......

Wow - exciting times here at the Castle!  We signed our lease TODAY so that demo and build will be starting OH SO SOON!  All nine partners/friends! have worked really hard to come up to the events of today.  Meeting every week for almost two years - we cultivated our determination to turn our incredibly successful home-brew crew and love of gathering together for fun, laughs and great times into something we can share with so many more!! 

We will be making our custom, unique, and inspiring brews for more of us who love craft beer.  Watch us grow grow GROW and meet us at our grand opening!! 

SO WATCH FOR IT...WATCH FOR IT...for our grand opening - and when WE are ready - be sure YOU are ready!!  Come alone or bring your friends, there will be plenty of room at the Castle - because you know what we always say:

There is always room for one more!!  CHEERS!!