CCBC: travels of a brew crew

Well, we hit another successful event at the PBS39 Sixth Annual BrewFest in Allentown, PA. 

The CCBC brew crew traveled from our beer home in Chester County up the beautiful Route 100 and into Coca-Cola Park.  This year the event was super-well organized and the VIP event allow craft beer aficionados to spread their wings, chat up the brewers and beer reps for a little one-on-one before the crowd hit.  And how the crowd it hit!! 

I asked my fellow brewer, Mar-gare-ET just what was it that made people SO HAPPY at these craft beer events.  She said it was the alcohol….but I disagree. 

I think you take a whole herd of fun-loving people on a beautiful day in a ball park, add some crazy brewers who love their jobs and sprinkle in a few great-tasting beverages that happen to be craft brews and…. voilà – happy people. Right?