W5 Home Brew - 1st Place IPA

Greetings All!


Well, a funny thing happened at the Raise Your Mug for a Cure charity event last night. Unknown to us there was “contest” where the event attendees voted for their favorite beer…and we did very well!! Kyle’s Biere der Untoten, a Citra IPA, took first for the favorite beer of the night!! Kitty’s Saison du Fou took third place!! Her saison landed ahead of many IPAs and a very good Maibock and a good German Wheat beer. A real accomplishment for a saison!! And Anna’s Flattery, a brown ale, place in the middle of the pack and received high praise from brown ale drinkers…a smaller part of the beer drinking population…a great showing for a brown ale!!

Thank you all for your support of our efforts to share our beer for good causes. Last night’s event was a big success for the event’s organizers and I believe it was in no small part due to the many home brewers who came to share their beer…and what really good beer they brought!! It was fun to meet them all and share our beer.

Congrats again to Kyle, Kitty, and Anna!! Well done and thank you for contribution to W5 and to Raise Your Mug for a Cure.




Mark Sofio and Fran Mazza of W5 Home Brew and soon to be Crowded Castle Brewing Company.  On Location last night at the Raise Your Mug of a Cure charity at The John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove, in Audubon, PA.